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I learned today the Asian community does not really embrace St Patrick’s Day. I may as well have been dressed as Father Christmas as I stood out in my heavenly ,make that edge of heaven (Arcadia), ‘hood today in a green Irish rugby shirt. As I
moved south towards hell, East LA where people bbq on shopping trolleys ,hey you don’t see that in Arcadia, a few Mexicans seemed to embrace the idea of getting drunk on a Tuesday. Strange, I always thought St Patricks Day was arranged to be during the Cheltenham festival thus ensuring the Cheltenham economy survives twevle months until the next Irish invasion.

I did find one cocktail waitress who had bought a green tip jar from the 99c store and had green strands of hair (photo).

To catch up with what is happening at the Bike: Lea Nehme won the Ladies event for the second Sunday. I don’t know what she has planned for next Sunday. Maybe a ladies event at Rincon?

Robert Durant, a Commerce/Bike regular, won Mondays Omaha8 event. Robert beat 119 other entries to take home $13k.

Tomorrow and Thursday are both Super days for Fridays main event. I may update that live from the Its a Grind coffee shop across Eastern from the Bike. The weather looks great tomorrow for a day at the track. However, I do not have any passes until April which is unusual. Maybe I will pay to go or maybe I will watch the Man City game on my newly acquired Setanta channel.

Wheres the Guinness?

Wheres the Guinness?

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