Paul Darden wins #8,cashes #9 at Bike

It must have hurt Paul Darden not to have cashed at the WSOP. A $25k cash in the WPT event at the Commerce and a $29k win at the Bike early this morning,in the omaha8, have put Paul Darden on the comeback list. The event concluded when normal people were dropping the children off at school but with his favoured stud and Omaha tournies out of the way Paul can sleep today.
Event #8 184 entries

1) Paul Darden $29k
2) Vanna Tea ? $14k
3) Paul Emata $7k
4) Luan Phan $5k
5) Jack Kallah $3.5k
6) Dong Xu     $2.8k

Event #9 170 entries
1) Richard Madrid $19k
2) Philip Lauro $9k
3) Warren Karp $5k
10) Paul Darden $1k




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