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No its far too chilly to be writing this in my underwear. Five tables returned today to play out the ME at the Bike. Day1 chip leader was veteran John Smith with 109k. Men Nguyen had 69k with two more Nguyens still in play. The stylish Ben Nguyen had just 5k and Chau Nguyen 32k. Each drew seperate tables if you know where I am going with this…. Ben was still playing as the bubble,18, appeared on Eastern Ave. My favourite was Sally, who is featured twice in my gallery. Nikhil Gera is a player to watch but he has followed the trend of drinking as he plays. No photo of Men as he was at the bar ordering a Corona as I did the rounds. The winner was Thanh Luong $85k, Lance Tahata 42k, Susan Trabue 21k, Philip Stark 13k, Antonio Ferer 10k,Sung Cho 8k

Rincon is off and running. Despite being in a field, near were Coachella is held, Event #1 attracted 646 including our friend Tony TNT Nasr who picked up a $7k payday when making the FT. The event was won by a student from UCSD, Maria Ho’s old playground, Michael Robinson. “Heres to you Michael Robinson”. 278 played the $300 Event #2.The winner was a SD attorney Harvey Doncev. Good job by Nolan Dalla on keeping us informed.

Nolan Dalla will of course be around at the WSOP at the Rio this summer. Also returning but looking much better in a bikini will be the Sapphire girls who will once again lounge around the pool by day at the Rio.

Nothing in the mail from Santa Anita since owners Magna defaulted on their loan. Maybe, they want to boost the cash intake by making us pay to go racing. Maybe, they just want to save money by cutting down on LA area mailouts. Maybe they had to fire the ladies who put together the mailouts. Anyway, despite a high wind warning I need my day at the track tomorrow.sapphire

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