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Welcome to the web, pokergossip. I have been on the road most of the month. Like I say to my mom when she asks about rent “Shut up biatch and is my laundry finished yet?”

Tiff and I went out with Mr Flack in San Jose. Or should I call him NV prisoner # 3666666? He still smells of prison. He spent the evening with his face up against the glass pleading his innocence to the hockey players. All the time he was double fisting beers. Layne, do what Tiff and I do, hire a limo when you go out .

This weekend Miss Lacey J, Tiff and I have entered the Dream Team poker event at Caesars. Well, I have to tell you those two are in my dream team!!!

I was pleased to hear Santa Anita owners have filed for bankruptcy. I can’t go  to the adjacent mall without expecting Steve Hall tapping me on the shoulder asking for $5 to buy a racing form. I am giving him a gift certificate for Dr Jack Kervorkian for Christmas. Steve did buy me a poker book for my birthday. I keep expecting to turn the page and see an Arcadia public library stamp. Yes, I had a birthday and I am now officially too old to date Jerry Buss. His private jet would be very useful though.

It is happy hour at “Lucky Baldwins” so must go down a few Newcastles with the chaps. xoxo. Mary Jo ho.

(Note: This is a spoof blog and does not reflect the views of the real Maria Ho.)

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