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So the little chocolate shortbreads were delicious…sorry are delicious as they are in our cookie jar. I probably pissed Jose Canseco off by chatting away with Heidi Northcott about the WSOP. At least I didn’t ask him if he could get me Madonnas autograph. A great red carpet although 90% of us were given 10% at the end of the carpet. Not many players bothered to leave the reception to walk the walk so kudos to Maria Ho as we all know she loves a drink. I cannot confirm that wickedchops poker actually had three invites to the event. With only the hardcore media left (BJ + Owen) more inside coverage tomorrow. The overnight chip leaders (no idea what they are playing for apart from TVG):

John Phan 197k
Scott Clements 196k
O Tassone 186k
O Dardon 178k
D Robinson 170k
Joe Tehan 147k
Ralph Perry 141k
Tom Hall 141k

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