Going Green.Switch to the Bike.

My commute hasn’t changed much with my coverage of the “Winnin on the Green” tournie at the Bike. Located just a couple of miles from the Commerce it would be an easy cycle from the one to the other. I wasn’t expecting to see shopping centers all around and could easily spend my dinner breaks in Ross across Florence/Eastern from the card room.

I had the feeling of changing to a new school as I had never been to the Bike before. However, Kelly O’Hara had made me welcome and security had been warned about the Brit with a camera. The food menu in the high limit looks similar to the Commerce. Yosh wasn’t hosting his game on Friday but Mo was.

The tournament co ordinator is Dennis Williams  and the first two tournaments have attracted over 300 players per tournie.

Results : Event #1 $300 NLHE 1) Kane Sec $36k, 2) Kevin Gagliotta, 3) Henry So, 4) L Babahekian 5) A Barbarian 6) Brandon Lee 7) Sandy Heyes 8) Ameen Behzadnia 9) Ha Diep

Event #2 $325 bounty 1) Amir Ghazvinian $19k 2)Kevork Kozakjian 3) Hugo Cerdeiro 4) Leang Kuoch 5) Yun Zeng 6) Henry Kaptanjian 7) Pogos Simityan 8) Ricardo Moreno 9) Andy Phan

With such a big weekend in Las Vegas it is sad to see the likes of Thor Hanson, Chris Gregorian and Paul Dardon grinding it out here but then again maybe they are in LA to go to Santa Anita today. I know I am.

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4 Comments to “Going Green.Switch to the Bike.”

  1. brandon says:

    steve, be careful, be very careful, waiting for ur bus…bell gardens is bad, real bad

  2. Steve says:

    Yes tonight I saw TNT,Men the Master :)
    No drunken Marinetts either!

  3. brandon says:


  4. Steve says:

    They(the players) are a little bit suspicious of my motives of wanting photos.
    They have never heard of the Hendonmob.
    Haven’t been mugged or anything though.
    Next stop Rincon.
    Keep in touch,should be back with you in May all being well.

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