Go Etay at Harrahs circuit event

Although she wasn’t able to feature as often as Sara Chau in my posts from the Commerce, Esther Taylor was noted. One day she had the impressive spiral staircase built with $5 chips in the High Limit area. Another day she made the final table in a PLO event. Then she disappeared . Apparently she had left the L.A. rain for the delights of whatever Atlantic City could throw at her  to play the ME at Borgota where she cashed.

Today Etay was one of 106, down from 146 last year, to enter the $5k main event. She finished the day clear leader and frankly we think she should just be given the trophy now and let the others fight it out for second.
1) Esther Taylor 339k, 2)Charles Williams 279k, 3)Rick Revis 202k, 4)Dwyte Pilgrim 149k, 5)John farrell 143k, 6)Thao Thiem 142k, 7)Josh Prager 129k, 8)Pogos 124k 9)Chris Tryba 121k,10)Lance oliver 114k,11)Jon McGowan 94k,12)Steve Kim 76k,13)Anas 64k, 14) Matt”twinned with Zach” Hyman 58k,15)Taylor Bell 43k,16)Mike Heintschel 37k.

First pays $125k.

Update: Etay did a deal with Dwyte Pilgrim. The Pilgram fathers the trophy, Etay buys a round of drinks before taking the free bus back to L.A. We were hoping our special reporter Mary Jo Ho would be there to report but our phone has been silent. Third was ex Silver City, Circus Circus poker room manager Charles Williams. The bubble was unlucky Matt Hyman. Unlucky because his twin has Kimberly Lansing for a g/f whereas Matt …. even Sabyl Cohen is taken.etay1

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