From horses to HORSE

Watching a horse, an English import, called St Trinians win at Santa Anita yesterday, brought back memories of my favourite movies. The St Trinians 4 movies featured many young actors who went on to become household names as TV actors. George Cole is the first name to pop up in my memory bank. St Trinians,the horse, won three races at lowly Wolverhampton before winning the lottery and moving to SoCal.

Then a long ride to the Bike. Max Shapiro was returning from across the street with fuel for his sweetheart Barbara Enright as I arrived. Marsha Waggoner, Shirley Rosario, Jerry Buss and Robert Turner all tried and failed to ride the horse to victory. Randy Holland in 8th and Sirous B in tenth made it into the money. 144 played.

1) Melkon Karapogosian $15k, 2) Marshall Pagir $8k, 3) Robert Flood $4k, 4) Dan Geyser $2.5k.

Marshall placed in HORSE

Marshall placed in HORSE


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