Valentines Day

John Phan is obviously better at drinking and playing than Jared Hamby as John enters Day2 as one of the chip leaders whereas Jared has the choice of playing the $500 or washing his green cap. Overnight counts for the $1500:

Matt Heiligerthaler 123k, Luke Priour 113k, F Adli 112k, Jeff Madsen 110k, John Phan 101k, David Peters 99k, Mike Blocksidge 94k, Kia Mohajeri 86k, V Phan 75k, Sam Stein 75k, Dave Fox 74k + Matt Stout 71k. First place is $107593.

The tournament has begun which means the drinking has begun. John Phan has ordered a bottle of Cabernet and joining him in a glass of the red stuff are Luke Priour, Jeff Madsen and Ted Lawson.

Those not drinking , at least not at the table, are:
23) Taher Alishek
22) Kia Mohajeri
21) Vinny Pahuja
20) Justin Scott
19) Dan Stir

Each player receives $3525.

Sweating Ted are his wife Michelle, Tiffany Michelle and Liv Boeree.

Next batch of  eliminations:
18) Randy Sim
17) Joe Kuether
16) Lawrence Rosen

All players receive $3896

What odds a Madsen v Phan heads up complete with red wine? More eliminations:
15) Tom McCormick
14) Sam Stein
13) Ted Lawson

Each receives $4267

Jeff Madsen leads with approx 355k. John Phan follows with 175k., Luke Priour 170k, Matt H 150k. Now Tiffany has switched her allegiance to Madsen.

Todays $500 had 511 entries including Anna Wroblewski. At 6:10pm only 150 survived including Tony TNT Nasr + ParaG.

A quick walk down the steep stairs revealed very little action in the cash area. Maybe poker players are a romantic group after all. Not so Greg Mueller who has his cocktail waitress girlfriend watching him play Barry Greenstein at Chinese. Cyndy Violette must not have a date either.

7pm: Madsen (1010) eliminates David Fox (KK).Fox wins $4638. John Phan is on his third bottle. On table 35 David Peters eliminates Michael Blocksidge ($4638). Michael had been nursing 4ok in the hope of moving up the ladder.At table 34 Luke Priour, who is looking wasted after trying to match Phan in the drinking comp, eliminates Vu Phan (no relation). $4638. The final table is set.
1) Matt Heiligenthaler
2) Jeff Madsen
3) Fred Adli
4) Tyler Patterson
5) Luke Priour
6) John Phan
7) Lance Oliver
8 Matt Stout
9) David Peters

John Phan is out. Don’t drink and bluff is the lesson here. It is dinner time so Priour and Madsen have a chance to put add some food to their wine. Dinner time chip counts (and final update before my pilgramage back to the foothills)Photos will be added later. 78 left in todays tournament out of 511.

Jeff Madsen 470k, Fred Adli 350k, Tyler Patterson 300k, Luke Priour 110k, Matt Heiligenthaler 75k, Lance Oliver 75k, David Peters 70k + Matthew Stout 60k.

Another million dollar pool expected at Santa Anita tomorrow for the pick 6. Snow Day has been postponed until March.

End of play in the $500. Neil Ho 214k, Fabio Dagata 193k, Saif Ahmad 192k, Jeff Vanchiro 185k, Jesse Simonelli 182k, Elvis Huynh 133k, Josh VanDuyn 124k, Mike Digaetano 122k, Kasey Nam 118k, Aaron Kreskin 105k, Ben Tang 81k, Sang Pham 78k.

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  1. brandon says:

    hey steve, dont disappear like always…keep the updates coming and see ya tomorrow

  2. brandon says:

    Hey Steve, are you gonna be Marias valentine (or HO)…Did u buy her a rose, box of chocolate, Nordstroms gift card

  3. Steve says:

    Much as i would love to live in Arcadia she doesn’t date guys with pre paid debit cards:)

  4. Steve says:

    Matt finally had the internet sorted. Must be the arrival of CardPlayer for the $5k PLO.

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