Triple Sunday

A 437 field for the $500 NLHE. The first of the PLO tournaments at 3pm and the resumption of the NLHE from Saturday. All in all a busy day upstairs . Downstairs business is slow but a blonde Kenny Tran  is in a cash game. Playing with him is the guy who looks like David Schwimmer the actor and another guy who I recognize from HSP but I cannot name as he doesn’t play tournaments. Ted Forrest is here also.

Robert Golick became the first to win two 2009 LAPC tournaments yesterday when he won the stud on Saturday.

Six tables for the PLO. Some big names including Robert Williamson, Chino Rheem, Gary Do, Allen Kessler, Zach Hyman, Lee Watkinson, Amnon Filippi, Michael Binger, A Konjun, Patrik McMillan and Rocky Boustani.

The 4pm has resumed and action is fast and sometimes furious. Fourth place , at start of play, Scott Montgomery lost a huge pot to David Baker sending Baker into the chip lead and Montgomery to his room.

24) S Krasney
23) Dao Bac
22) M Caswell
21) Scott Montgomery
20) Frank Inglese
19) Aram Zeroonian
18) Patrick K
17) Julie Dang
16) Pete de Best
15) Kyle Cannon
14) Vinny Vinh

nikhilklee19-24 $5427

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