The Chris and Sara show

In finishing 13th in yesterdays $1k tournament Chris Bjorin just missed playing in his fifth final table of the LAPC. Chris is one of the few old school players who have adjusted to the new brand of NLHE . It must be his Swedish blood. Chris cashed three times at the 1991 WSOP and hasn’t stopped since. When playing cash he prefers the mixed games or high limit omaha. Always well turned out I am sure if he ever writes a book it would be interesting read as Chris is a quiet but pleasant person in the flesh.

Another person who has been on five cashes for an eternity now is young Texasian Sara Chau. Sara is still in the learning stage but she seems an enthusiastic pupil. She could still play the ME if she wins her seat through Fridays Supersat, otherwise she will head home to Texas and no doubt Vegas will be pencilled in on her calender. A fine opportunity for an online site to sign her before the WSOP as she reminds me of Liz Lieu three years ago. With less women playing the ME she would be sure to generate a lot of publicity for any site.

Sara Chau at a FT

Sara Chau at a FT

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