Sunday at Santa Anita

Sundays! When the Mexican women cook menudo and mole and the men watch soccer. I like the weekends in L.A., my host Tiffany, not Michelle or Williamson tg, doesn’t have to take her triplets to school or go to work. I usually sit myself at the breakfast table in time for pancakes, muffins or oatmeal. A cup of Fresh & Easy organic coffee and I am ready to go…. into the living room to watch the soccer. In this household it is only available en espanyol so I feel like I am educating myself while I watch. Seeing the snow flurries on Merseyside this morning reminded me how fortunate I was to have to make the decision whether to wear shorts to the racetrack later in the morning.

At the track a black gelding by Marju called “Icemancometh” reminded me that I had forgotten to write about the poker player or his xxx bling headphones with “Iceman” written in diamonds.

In the parade I like the look of ” Mr Hot Stuff” in the fifth but surely the 1-5 favourite must be a cert. Result 1) Mr Hot Stuff 9-1. The racecard has a $10 slot play coupon. I should tell Allen Kessler. If the trip cost $9 in gas round trip it is +Ev to the Chainsaw.

After racing I go to a Goodwill store where I find a 1992 Santa Anita stein. This would be unique in England. Maybe I do have a pension plan afterall.

No Commerce for me today. I can inform you that John Phan, Joe Pelton, David Tran, Tommy Wang and Kevin Song all finished in the money in yesterdays rebuy tournament.

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