Rainy days on Monday…

It is just seven days away from the most needed gift from Santa Anita to its patrons…an umbrella. Inside the $2k NLHE attracted some names to the upstairs tournament room. Only 188 bought in. Lakers fan Maria Ho was originally seated at a table with Jerry Buss, Brandon Cantu and Scott Clements. Other notables: Chris Bjorin, Robert McLaughlin, Mike Katz, Barry Greenstein, Scott Montgomery, David Pham ,Chris McCormack + Big Tom D.

Tyson Marks is dominating the final day of the $550. Starting the day in ninth place with 79k he has catapulted himself into a huge chip lead. Tyson has already won a tournament here the LHE. Sara Chau, complete with cough, visited the final table again. She has all the qualities to become the new media darling. Also poker is her life at this time.

14) Max Nguyen
13) Brian Small
12) Jim Holtz
11) Phong Le
10) Michael Emerick
9) Reza Payvar
8) Sara Chau
7) Amir Ghazvinian
6) Jerry Garver
5) Nick di Leo
4) Ira Horning
3) Robert Mason
2) Brian McCann
1) Tyson Marks

So its two for Tyson.1)$57k 2)$30k 3)$21k 4)$14k 5)$11k
Predictably, Robert Williamson made it deep into the PLO yesterday.
Robert III finished third to take home $14k. The winner was Jason Mercier
who usually reserves his best for european tournaments.

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