Matt Savage is in the house

No disrespect to young Sam who has kept the tournament running smoothly in Matt’s absence but with Matt in the house today even I have to look busy! Matt was checking that the finalists names were correct. Yesterday,in Matts abscence, a woman was allowed to cash as Alejandra Muropiaz when the previous evening she was Sexy Alexandra and at a previous FT Guadalupe Murodiaz. It makes the jobs of the database people so much harder.

More pros showed up for the six handed. Maria Ho, Thor Hansen, Sam Simon, Young Phan, Ray Davies , Hevad Khan,  Al Barbieri, David Danesghar,Chris McCormack+ Mike Schneider  joined Frankie O’Dell and Mimi Tran to add some star quality to the LAPC. 308 paid the $500 and tomorrows winner will take home $46k. Ralph Perry was downstairs.

Maria Ho actually has a tan but I have to have my photos of her approved before posting. So much for the freedom of self employment. The downside of all the pros being here is that it is not easy to secure the services of a food server downstairs.While waiting for my food order I noticed 22 names on a $10k buy in cash game.

Todays final is LHE. In a replica of last Fridays LHE final we reached three in the first level then the needle stuck. Still playing are Eva Neumann, Jeff Heiburg and Tommy Thung Huynh.

Eva is now parading the trophy downstairs. I believe a three way deal was struck.

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  1. brandon says:

    and, just as important, brandon is in the house…thought i would seize the opportunity and be the first to comment here buddy…

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