Going Up…

Today we have a $5k PLO with one rebuy. I have also been moved off the floor up onto the stage. Joining me are team CardPlayer, whom I like especially Kristy :) The PLO has 48 entries as I write. The surprises are the fact that Gavin Smith, Tom Franklin, David Levi, Scott Montgomery,Amir Vahedi and Jennifer Tilly are all playing the smaller buy in NLHE.

Todays final table is Event # 25 $500 NLHE. Neil Ho started leading the pack of sixteen. He has increased his lead by eliminating a player, Mike Kaplitz, early.
16) Mike Degilio
15) Jesse Simonelli
14) Mike Kaplitz
13) Sang Pham
Players receive $2231.
12) Mike Digaetano
11) Josh Van Duyn
10) Ishdeep Hazuria
Players receive $2478
9) Saif Ahmed
8 Ben Tang
7) M Pappas
6) Aaron Kreskin
5) Elvis Huynh
4) Kasey Nam
3) Fabio Dagata
2) Jeff Vanchiro
1) Neil Ho $64437

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