90 at Bellagio.760 at Commerce. No Superbowl downswing

The Bellagio $1k weekenders had dwindled down to 20 players. Not this weekend! The gamblers packed Vegas sportsbooks and this had a positive side for the poker room. Jennifer Tilly played on Saturday and made a profit of $470. The winners were Al Adler on Friday and Mark Luciano on Saturday.

The LAPC, at the Commerce, didn’t like to mess with the Superbowl so would have a Ladies or Stud tournament. This year Matt Savage, the new Commerce TD, introduced a deep stack tournament.  I am sure it exceeded all expectations with 760 entries.

tonynasr36 survived to Day2 which should be going well into the night. No big names at all although TNT Nasr warrants a namecheck. A first prize of $55k.

Its dinner time. I head downstairs two minutes before the players but decide I am now on friendly terms with Phil Laak. I have conversation openers like ” I saw you on WSOP Europe last night and congrats to Jennifer on her final table…”  Phil shows me his new Triumph bike he rode to the Commerce on. I miss my opportunity to order food before the players. Diane Nguyen is here again but she loses top spot to Dee Luong and her lips.

9pm: We have a final nine in the deepstack. Kasey Nam,  and Duran Holycross share the lead with 750k each. Then we have Duong Vinh, Jeff Clayton, Dorron Margalit, Sam Alsharairi, Rochy Boustani and Maksim Karandeyen.
2am: 1) Maksim Karandeyen 2) Kasey Nam 3) Jeff Clayton 4) Duran Holycross 5) Sam Alsharairi 6) Dorron Margalit 7)Ray Brown 8 Vinh Luong 9) Rocky Boustani. Maksim wins $55k.

138 in todays LHE. First prize $21419 FT 4pm Tuesday 1) Mike Hakverdian  2) Thung Huynh  3) G Luong 4) Jeff Heiberg  5) Eva Neumann 6) Ahmad Abghari 7) George Lusby 8 Behzad Javadzadeh  9) Dale Burner

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