$1k Final table LAPC

Just twelve returned from yesterdays $1k event. Actually Grinder did not return , at 4pm, as he was playing a heads up match against John Phan. After emerging victorius from that match he had his chips waiting at the final table.
12) Karl Tretter
11) Jason Kasprzycki
10) Howard Appledorf
Each receives $3391

Karl told me how he had 40k in chips but his full house ran into quads leaving him with just 11k.

9) Erica Schoenberg
8 Andrew Z
7) Rollo Johnson
6) Duane Remington
5) Michael Mizrachi

Chip counts for the remaining quartet: Sam Stein 780k, Sammy J 300k, Raz Mael 250k + Randy Sim 180k.

4) Sammy Hussain
3) Randy Sim

Downstairs a mixed game between Lyle Berman, Mike Matusow and Ralph Perry. Upstairs a huge crowd watching Michael Mizrachi play his unknown opponent, who must be intimidated by the crowd.

Todays $500 tournament attracted 502. they are already in the money. That includes Roy Winston, Nancy Todd, Morgan Machina, Young Phan + Cindy Dang.

Finally a winner in the $1k. Raz Mael made it third time lucky after two other in the money finishes at this LAPC.
1) Raz Mael
2) Sam Stein

Cindy Dang cashed today

Cindy Dang cashed today

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